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Cool Free Way To Make Money With Search Engines

Monday, March 14, 2011

Recently I have been browsing the web looking for cool offers and giveaways. I like saving money by using various sites and this time I was lucky to find out about Swagbucks.com, which is a totally free website, which rewards its users for using their search engine and participating in the life of this online community.

What is SwagBucks.com?

I went ahead and registered there for free. After having completed several test searched I noticed that search results are pretty good, so now instead of using my previous search engine, I will be using Swagbucks.com and will be getting extra points for doing so.

The points, which are awarded, are called Swagbucks points and you can exchange these points for awesome prices: cash, gift cards or electronics. On some website I have read that you need approximately 700 SwagBucks to receive a free $5 giftcard (I have generated more than 200 points in just several days).

Additionally, you can invite your friends and relatives to join this site and you will receive extra points (this is a great referral program). Depending on your prizes, you can either get money into your PayPal address or have the items shipped to your doorstep.

As I can see, Swagbucks is a great community to become a part of, their incentives serve as a great encouragement and they offer a great variety of fun things to do, it is an offer, which is hard to reject.

What makes you less of a rock star?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Being a rock star is lots of fun, but what makes us less of a rock star? We still could behave in a cool way, do crazy things and share them with other people. Check out my personal blog about cool stuff and life of famous rock stars.

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